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Our Company's primary goal is the best possible, immediate and effective defense of our clients' interests with high-level advisory, extrajudicial and judicial actions. The cooperation of our Company with professors of respected scientific prestige further ensures the quality of the legal services provided.

Consultation as a direct means of solving urban, bank, insurance and commercial disputes is part of the Firm’s philosophy.

Our specialized staff guarantees immediate and effective solutions to customer disputes. This new institution of the settlement of disputes with mediation has legislative institutionalization in our country and operates with significant positive results.

The extensive network of our associates nationwide responds directly to the advisory and judicial level to any legal dispute or advice that our clients need.

Our Law Firm of specialized partners, provides its services to a wide range of trade unions and professional associations at national and European level.

The Law Firm works as a legal counselor with Chambers, small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies on issues of relations with the public, banks, as well as with investment programs to improve productivity and business development.

In particular, tax issues and financing from credit institutions, as well as the regulation of delayed loan repayments, are within the scope of our services on a daily basis, and we handle a significant number of clients.

Our cooperation with “SOL Certified Public Accountants”, and FORIN, which specializes on tax matters, guarantees the fastest and most efficient handling of our clients' cases.

Our Firm has given important, judicial battles to defend the constitutional legality and regularity of our State's operation, especially during the period of the imposition of the memorandum arrangements in all the upper courts of our country: (CoE, Supreme Court, Court of Auditors, as well as the European Court of Justice and the European Social Charter Committee in Strasbourg).